Client Testimonials

“I have been frustrated for many years by the increased costs. Quotes from other suppliers were so close I was not able to change companies. There is now light at the end of the tunnel; the light has a name, SAV-ON Solutions. They reduced our expenses by 65%…Continue Reading

P. Harper, Administrator, Montview Manor Senior Care, Denver, CO

“We hired SAV-ON to perform audits at 15 of our locations; overall cost reduction was 43%. SAV-ON services are not only risk free, but offer businesses a way to reduce bottom-line costs by 30-50%…Continue Reading

M. Sprenger, VP,, Sprenger Health Care Systems, Lorain, OH

“We 100% recommend SAV-ON’s Shipping Audit. Last month we received $1425 in refunds, had we relied on our previous internal auditing procedures, I calculated that we would have only identified $70 in refunds/billing errors. SAV-ON Solutions procured 20 times (2000%) more refunds and it now takes zero company time addressing shipping errors.” The online dashboard is also an excellent logistics tool for shipping…Continue Reading

T. Boustani, Director,, Prudential Laboratories, Santa Ana, CA

“SAV-ON Solutions is a fantastic company. They reduced costs at 5 of our commercial properties, we save $19,932 per year.”

C. Sullivan, COO,, Legacy Properties, Austin, TX

“I positively recommend SAV-ON Solutions to reduce a company’s overhead expenses. SAV-ON Solutions was professional throughout the process and it did not take any of my staff’s time to assist in the reviews. SAV-ON Solutions reduced our expenses by 42% at 6 locations…Continue Reading

L. Griego, Regional Director,, Rocky Mountain Communities, Denver, CO

“To say the staff at SAV-ON exceeded our expectations would be a gross understatement, they were able to secure a sizable refund and successfully reduced our expenses by 73%. I’ve already referred them to another Senior Care Community…Continue Reading

M. Hall, Project Manager,, Florida Living Retirement Community, Apopka,FL

Great Job Sav-On Solutions! We saved 25-51% at 6 locations and our largest refund was $10,031. We will be saving over $100,000 overall…Continue Reading

M. Shefflin, CEO,, Shefflin Investments, Montecito, CA

“We highly recommend SAV-ON. We don’t have time to monitor every fee increase and fluctuating fuel indexes. SAV-ON reduced cost by 67% and 76%, we have already recommended them to friends in business…Continue Reading

D. Balfour, CEO,, Pinnacle Investments, Torrance, CA

“I was skeptical at first regarding the trash expense audit, but I am now a believer in SAV-On Waste Solutions. recently, SAV-On successfully reduced the trash disposal costs by 35% at two of our locations…Continue Reading

William R. Timm, Real Estate Construction & Development

“SAV-ON Waste Solutions successfully reduced the trash and recycling disposal cost at our two locations by 23% and 48%. Their waste consultants were professional and very experienced in the industry. Once we approved the recommendations, SAV-ON handled everything and they continue to monitor our accounts for billing errors…Continue Reading

John C. Breder, President, Breder Management Corp.


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