Shipping Audits & Logistic

Comprehensive Shipping Audit

Packages shipped using FedEx® and UPS® are guaranteed to arrive on time or you are owed a shipping refund. SAV-ON Solutions (SAV-ON) offers a cloud-based refund recovery solution that credits your carrier accounts for late shipments. SAV-ON will manage the entire process so you can focus on your product and customers.

Benefit from dynamic weekly reporting and 24/7 online access that harnesses some of the most advanced proprietary technology on the market. The robust, transparent system is easy to use and navigate; our solution is a risk-free extension of your staff that can save you money each week.

Benefit from a contingency-based service in which SAV-ON is only paid when your carrier accounts are credited.

"I positively recommend SAV-ON to reduce a company’s expenses.”

Linda Griego
Regional Director, Rocky Mountain Communities

"There is now light at the end of the tunnel, the light has a name, SAV-ON Solutions."

Pat Harper
Administrator, Montview Manor

"Engaging SAV-ON to reduce our expenses has been a win-win!”

Moise Hendeles
President, FLM Enterprises, Inc.

"I was skeptical at first regarding the trash expense audit, but now I am a believer..”

William R. Timm
M. Timm Development, Inc.

"SAV-ON Waste Solutions successfully reduced the trash and recycling disposal cost..”

John C. Breder
President, Breder Management, Corp.

"...overall cost reduction was 43%.”

Mark Sprenger
VP, Sprenger Health Care Systems

"...Just this week they secured a nearly $2,000 refund.”

Haresh Patel
Managing Member, Eastern Apartment MGT., LLC

"...successfully reduced our expenses by 73%.”

Mark Hall
Project Manager, Florida Living Retirement Community

"They helped reduce costs at 5 of our commercial properties by 39%, we save $19,932 per year!”

Candice Sullivan
Operations Manager, Legacy Properties

Interactive Weekly Reporting Includes Recovered Costs and Control Tools:

  • Identification of credits to your carrier account(s)

  • Void Credits (manifested but not shipped)

  • Refunds listed by carrier account
  • Logistic controls and claims management

  • Service type breakdown

  • Package management
  • Cost management

  • Integrated carrier exception report

  • Weather and Customs Delay Notices

  • Integrated Address Corrections
  • Sign-up in 5 minutes; SAV-ON will manage the solution

  • All credits are applied to your carrier accounts directly

  • No-risk solution, cancel anytime
  • Do not install any hardware or software and incur no cost

  • Secured access protects your accounts, refund and traffic reports
  • Contingency-based turnkey service

We 100% recommend SAV-ON’s shipping audit and cost reduction services. We have been very pleased with the size of the shipping refunds, customer service and their details knowledge of the industry.

Over the years we have spent a lot of company time pursuing shipping billing errors with limited success. Last month we received $1,425 in refunds, had we relied on our previous internal auditing procedures (before SAV-ON), I calculated that we would have only identified about $70 in refunds. SAV-ON procured 20 times (2000%) more refunds that we would on our own and it now takes zero company time addressing this issue!

To our surprise, we have found the online dashboard to be an excellent logistics tool as well. By outsourcing this task to SAV-ON we have saved valuable time and increased profits.


With just a fifteen-minute phone call we can let you know whether your organization is eligible to save. Call us now at 1-800-203-7283 or click the button below to contact us.