Waste & Recycling Billing Audit

Uncovering Hidden Overcharges | Eliminating Unnecessary Fees | Reducing Future Costs

Since 1994, we have produced tangible, hard-dollar refunds, credits, and savings on over 80% of the waste disposal bills we’ve analyzed.
20,000 clients have recovered or saved over $75 million on their solid waste disposal and recycling expenses.


SAV-ON Solutions (SAV-ON Waste Solutions) utilizes critical market and comparative data to conduct a comprehensive fee structure analysis on your behalf.
This includes:

  • Reviewing current rate schedules
  • Eliminating unnecessary fees
  • Removing overcharges
  • Correcting billing errors
  • Assessing current vendor contracts
  • Assessing equipment and processes
  • Implementing innovative cost-cutting strategies that will reduce expenses and improve your bottom-line

"I positively recommend SAV-ON to reduce a company’s expenses.”

Linda Griego
Regional Director, Rocky Mountain Communities

"There is now light at the end of the tunnel, the light has a name, SAV-ON Solutions."

Pat Harper
Administrator, Montview Manor

"Engaging SAV-ON to reduce our expenses has been a win-win!”

Moise Hendeles
President, FLM Enterprises, Inc.

"I was skeptical at first regarding the trash expense audit, but now I am a believer..”

William R. Timm
M. Timm Development, Inc.

"SAV-ON Waste Solutions successfully reduced the trash and recycling disposal cost..”

John C. Breder
President, Breder Management, Corp.

"...overall cost reduction was 43%.”

Mark Sprenger
VP, Sprenger Health Care Systems

"...Just this week they secured a nearly $2,000 refund.”

Haresh Patel
Managing Member, Eastern Apartment MGT., LLC

"...successfully reduced our expenses by 73%.”

Mark Hall
Project Manager, Florida Living Retirement Community

"They helped reduce costs at 5 of our commercial properties by 39%, we save $19,932 per year!”

Candice Sullivan
Operations Manager, Legacy Properties

All Property Types & Uses

Office Buildings

Retirement Homes


Mobile Home Parks

Retail Shopping

Industrial Buildings

Clients Results

Manufacturing company reduces waste disposal expenses by 54%.
Waste disposal audit uncovers $15,343 in hidden overcharges.
Solid waste audit unveils $22,090 in billing errors.
Waste and recycling review cuts bills by 47%, yielding a savings of $7,744 per month.
SAV-ON Solutions secures $83,232 refund for Silicon Valley IT company.



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